Inflatable bouncy castle

We are factory in China to make the inflatable bouncy castle,all of our inflatable bouncy caslte use 0.55mm PVC (from Plato ).Our inflatable bouncy castle was export to USA,UK,Italy,Spain,Germany,Dubai ,Russia and so on,they are popular with clients and kids, we have EN14960 Certification.

  • unicorn magic giant inflatable bounce hou

    Model No.: HTHJ168

  • 3 in 1 inflatable bouncy slide climb comb

    Model No.: HTHJ167

  • Pink inflatable bouncer combo

    Model No.: HTHJ166

  • Mickey mouse inflatable bounce house comb

    Model No.HTHJ165

  • Inflatable monkey bouncy castle

    Model No.: HTHJ165

  • Inflatable farm bounce house

    Model No.: HTHJ162

  • Inflatable white bounce house for wedding

    Model No.: HTHJ161

  • 3 in 1 inflatable bouncer slide combo

    Model No.: HTHJ159

  • Madagascar Inflatable bounce house with s

    Model No.HTHJ160

  • white bounce house for wedding

    Model No.: HTHJ158

  • frozen inflatable bounce house

    Model No.: HTHJ157

  • Inflatalbe Mickey Minnie bouncy castle

    Model No.: HTHJ156

  • inflatable minions bouncy castle

    Model No.: HTHJ155

  • Animal kingdom inflatable bounce house

    Model No.: HTHJ154

  • Inflatable magic bounce house

    Model No.: HTHJ153

  • inflatable circus bouncy castle

    Model No.: HTHJ152

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